What to Do With Your Broken Silver Jewelry

September 15th, 2014


Regardless of whether it happens while wearing it or when trying to pull it out from the tangled mess of your jewelry box, there’s nothing more disappointing than the moment your favorite piece of jewelry breaks. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens more times than any of us would really care for. Instead of getting upset or angry, however, keep in mind that there are quite a few ways that you can deal with this type of situation.


What to Do With Your Broken Silver Jewelry  | Silver Charms Inc.

Here are just a few ideas:


Fix It – Depending on the damage and the type of jewelry that was broken, you may be either to take it to a jeweler for repairs or take on a DIY project. If you choose to take the DIY route, keep in mind that you are certainly not the first person to ever break a piece of jewelry. There are tons of articles and YouTube videos that can help you understand exactly what you need to do.


Sell It – If it seems as though the broken pieces are unsalvageable or if it simply isn’t worth the hassle, you can always sell your broken silver jewelry. To find the best place to do this, just call around to each place in your area that buys silver and ask them how much they pay per ounce.  The one who offers to pay the most is the one that you should go to.


Melt It – If you don’t think you can save the broken pieces but you’re too emotionally attached, consider this option. While the silver can be melted down to create something entirely new, it will still allow you to hold onto the “heart” of the jewelry.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just have to choose between throwing your broken jewelry away or leaving it to collect dust at the bottom of your jewelry box. Consider a few of these great options instead, and let us know in the comments section below if you have any other suggestions to add!


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