The Perfect Gift for Your High School Graduate

June 10th, 2014


As we near the end of June, high school seniors around the country will be getting ready to put on their caps and gowns and walk across the stage to collect their diploma. As a parent or loved one, watching this incredible life chapter unfold before your eyes can be very emotional. Your “baby” has finally graduated and will soon be embarking on a new path; you couldn’t be more proud.

The Perfect Gift for Your High School Graduate | Silver Charms Inc.


For those with daughters or female relatives, it’s traditional to bring a bouquet of flowers to give her at the end of the ceremony. However, seeing as this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and one of her first big steps into adulthood, you may find that you want to do a little more. What about a beautiful piece of jewelry from


Browsing through our inventory, you will quickly find that we have a wide selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. We guarantee that you’ll quickly discover that we have something to fit the style of any young woman. So with so many options before you, how do you possibly choose?


One of our top suggestions for graduates would be any type of pendent engraved with a personal message. As many high school graduates plan to attend college away from home come fall, it’s nice to know that your daughter will have something so close to her with your own personal words attached to it. That way you know whenever she’s having a tough time and is feeling a little homesick, all she has to do is look down to find a few words of encouragement and love from mom and dad.


For more information about our engraving services and to browse other options for your soon-to-be graduate, visit today. Whatever you choose, we promise she will love it; after all – it’s coming from you.


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