Silver Chain Necklace Guide

June 6th, 2013

sterling silver chain necklacesterling silver chain necklace

Silver chain necklaces of any length are timeless and complement almost any look. They also make phenomenal gifts for both men and women. But, not all chains look right with all ensembles and hairstyles, so you want to consider everything before purchasing your favorite one. Unless you’re a big fashionista and like to switch it up often, then you could pick up a few different lengths and styles.


Silver Chain Necklaces for Women


These are often delicate and thin, and work with or without charms and pendants. Silver chains for women work as chokers or as very long multi-purpose chains. Almost any size works for women, depending on her style. Some styles are actually intended for a feminine look, like the heart chain, the box chain, the herringbone chain, and the mariner chain.


Silver Chain Necklaces for Men


Men usually go for bold, masculine looks with their accessories. The rope chain, the curb chain, and the larger mariner chain are a few examples of necklaces designed for men. These necklaces are much heavier and more durable, for rougher wear.


Silver Chain Lengths

“There are a variety of chain sizes to choose from. Shorter chains include the 16-inch choker and the 18-inch chain that sits at the collarbone. Medium-sized chains include the 20 to 22-inch chain which sits just at or just above the neckline. Longer chains include the 24-inch chain, which sits below the neckline, the 28-inch chain, and the 30-inch, which hangs far below the neckline”

Victoria Brittany | read more here.

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