Meaning of Gemstones

July 8th, 2013


Gemstones turquoise beadsare one of the rarest and purest of materials we get from the earth. Philosophers and scientists have long studied their origins, depicting the eras of when particular gemstones began and today, they still remain an important part of our society.

coral beads
These valuable stones have a rich history and evoke much meaning for those who possess them. For example, many people believe that certain gemstones bring them confidence and security while others correlate certain gemstones to wealth and beauty. In a world where holistic living and healing is at the forefront, precious gemstones play a large role.


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Each gemstone comes with its own significant meaning. New beginnings can be contributed to the garnet and moss agate gemstones. Devotion is symbolic to both the kunzite and tourmaline gemstones. Or fertility can be linked with the gemstones chrysoprase, imperial topaz, moonstone, rhodonite and rose quartz. For more meanings of gemstones, you can visit for a reference.


With their purity and beauty, we like to highlight them in jewelry. Some people believe that the power of a gemstone is most effective when placed near the heart. It’s can be achieved by making a gemstone necklace.

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By browsing our gemstone collection, you will see that we have many gemstone beads available for creating beautiful, one of a kind, gemstone jewelry pieces. You can view our gemstone collection by visiting this page on our website.





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