Five Free Jewelry Making Tutorials

February 20th, 2015

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a fun and exciting craft to embark on. You can create functional works of art that you get to show off and enjoy every day. Maybe you are even making jewelry as a source of income or you create it as gifts. There are always new tricks to learn and new avenues to explore. Check out some of these DIY jewelry making tutorials from around the web. Hopefully they will encourage you to try new things!


Geode necklace

This necklace looks like a glamourous work of natural art – but it’s created using metals, polymer clay, and glitter glass. It’s a great project if you are looking for something trendy and easy to do.

Silver scroll earrings

These elegant loopy earrings are whimsical and really fun to make. This tutorial involved some metalwork and beading.

Stone bracelet

This tutorial is for a delicate little stone bracelet. All you need for this gorgeous piece are some stone chips, a chain, jump rings, and an eyepin. It’s simple to assemble and a great project for beginner jewelry crafters.

Braided bracelet

These are great bracelets for doing with friends at a crafting party. They are easy and fun to make with tons of room for creativity. All you need for these are some colorful cords, seed beads, and a button to make a clasp. They are great for stacking and exchanging with friends.

Simple Wrap bracelets

Similar to the braided bracelet, these wrap bracelets are extremely simple to create. All you need is some colorful embroidery floss, leather, beaded chains, and some creativity. Grab a few friends and a bottle of wine to get your crafting party going.


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