Prevent your Silver from Tarnishing

Hands with Silver Rings

  Tarnish is the end result of the chemical reaction that occurs naturally between sterling silver and the oxygen in the air. Tarnish occurs rather slowly and is fairly easy to remove from your silver pieces.   Prevention   Tarnish can be avoided through frequent wearing of your silver jewelry. The oils in our skin […]

What to Do With Your Broken Silver Jewelry

  Regardless of whether it happens while wearing it or when trying to pull it out from the tangled mess of your jewelry box, there’s nothing more disappointing than the moment your favorite piece of jewelry breaks. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens more times than any of us would really care for. Instead of getting […]

Cleaning and Caring for Sterling Silver Jewelry

  Silver is a stunning metal and holds a lot of versatility; there is almost no limit to what this precious metal could be used for. While silver’s popularity is continuously on the rise with its luster and elegance, it unfortunately requires more maintenance than other common metals.   Sterling silver requires special maintenance, needing […]