Everything You Need to Jumpstart Your Jewelry Business

If you love crafting and have found that your jewelry has become high enough quality to sell to the masses, starting a business is the next logical step. All you need are a few simple things until you are ready to hop into local craft shows or even set up an Etsy sellers account. Everything […]

Five Free Jewelry Making Tutorials

Jewelry making is a fun and exciting craft to embark on. You can create functional works of art that you get to show off and enjoy every day. Maybe you are even making jewelry as a source of income or you create it as gifts. There are always new tricks to learn and new avenues […]

Types of Gold Beads

When you first start making your own jewelry, you played with color, shape, and texture. As you progress though, you start to realize that the materials you use to create your jewelry are also very important. Working with high quality materials is really important if you want your jewelry to last for years to come. […]