A Handmade Gift For Mom On This Mother’s Day

May 6th, 2013

When it comes to showing mom how much she means to you, we understand how important it is to find the perfect gift to give her on Mother’s Day. Most moms will tell you that they will love any gift, which can make shopping a bit difficult because options are just endless.


This year, why not give mom something truly special and unlike any other store-bought gift? How about a handmade piece of jewelry? When you make mom a personal gift, it’s easy to customize to fit mom’s style. Plus, a handmade gift comes right from the heart.


Having trouble figuring out what kind of jewelry to make? Here’s an idea. How about something like a charm bracelet or necklace that mom can wear everyday and show off to everyone? A simple, yet charming piece of jewelry can accomplish just that.


Sterling silver is beautiful, easy to maintain, durable and simple to coordinate with outfits. To create a beautiful bracelet, necklace or other jewelry piece, start with the right products. Our collections of sterling silver jewelry is a great place to begin.


1. Silver charms. You can make a bracelet with charms that are symbolic of the bond you share. We carry charms symbolizing family, children, angels, hobbies, letter, number, inspiration and so many more.


2. A silver locket. A picture locket or a favorite motherly phrase is another perfect idea for mom’s necklace. Our lockets come in a variety of sizes and designs.


3. Sterling pendants. For necklaces, pendants are beautiful and serve as a reflection of how beautiful mom is herself. We have sterling silver pendants with vibrant color or just plain silver.


4. If mom likes to wear rings, be sure to browse our sterling silver ring collection. You’ll find various ring styles that are simple, yet elegant or bold and attractive.


For more ideas on how to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift, be sure to visit our Pinterest page. Don’t forget to browse our Featured Product section of the homepage for unique Mother’s Day gift ideas as well.

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